We had a conversation about clouds. I thought that was beautiful. You see, I have learned a lot over the years. More than I needed to. But if I could erase all of my knowledge just to have this one moment, I would do it for you.

Clouds love nothing more than to be carried off by the wind. They are taken to places unknown and witness miracles beneath their shadows. Clouds were there when I learned how to walk. They were there when I learned how to ride a bike, cast a line out in a pond, and even when I met you. So, why do we take them granted?

I've made many mistakes in my life, good and bad. The worst mistake I have made, thus far, is leaving you. It hurts, thinking about what could have been. The memories we could have shared and the sparks of glory we could have embraced together. But I'm gone now. I'm somewhere else and you're still there. We'll change the lives of other people and start new slates, ones with hopes and dreams. Just promise me that whenever you look up, and a cloud is marching past, you'll feel free.

-Noah S.