Hi guys, it's nice to see you here! It's time for the 8th day of the 15 days writing challenge. Today's topic is my favorite destinations. Since I haven't traveled so much in my life (yet), I'm also going to list places such as library, café etc... But let's just get started already!


Superthumb house

I've been in Stockholm for many times and it's a beautiful city! There are also really kind and nice people.

Sweden is actually the only country I've visited outside Finland. Hopefully I'm gonna get to travel more in the future, because that's one of my biggest dreams.

forest Superthumb

My home town

I was born in a little town, located in the Eastern Finland. Always when I go back there, I feel like I'm home.

cafe coffee

Restaurants and cafés

The atmosphere and the food!

carousel Superthumb

Amusement parks

I loved amusement parks when I was little, and I still do. Visiting an amusement park is definitely one of the best things about summer!

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