Day 01 — Your favourite episode: The Sign of Three
Day 02 — Your favourite main character: Sherlock
Day 03 — Your favourite minor character: Mary
Day 04 — Your favourite quote: ''Honey you should see me in a crown''
Day 05 — Your favourite ship: Johnlock
Day 06 — Who introduced you to the show?: Me
Day 07 — A Sherlock photo that makes you go :D

gif, sherlock, and sherlock holmes image

Day 08 — A Sherlock photo that makes you go :(

sherlock, Martin Freeman, and sherlock holmes image

Day 09 — A Sherlock photo that makes you LOL

gif, james moriarty, and sherlock image

Day 10 — A photo of your favourite character

gif and sherlock holmes image

Day 11 — A photo of your least favourite character

sherlock, Martin Freeman, and benedict cumberbatch image

Day 12 — Whatever tickles your fancy: EVERYTHING
Day 13 — Something you’d like to see in the next series: More about Rosie and Sebastian Moran
Day 14 — Your least favourite epsiode: The Blind Banke
Day 15 — Favourite Sherlock quote: ''You lower the iq of the whole street''
Day 16 — A moment that made you squeal: Moriarty getting off the helicopter
Day 17 — A moment that made you cry: Mary's death
Day 18 — How long have you been in the fandom?: Since February 2016
Day 19 — Character that is most like you: Molly
Day 20 — Favourite canon reference/in joke:

sherlock image

Day 21 — Favourite gif:

gif, sherlock, and moriarty image

Day 22 — Which character would you want to marry?: Moriarty
Day 23 — Have you ever read the books?: Yes
Day 24 — Something that you don't like about Sherlock: that never appeared the character of sebastian moran
Day 25 — Favourite Sherlock actor: Andrew Scott
Day 26 — Favourite Sherlock actress (or another actor :P): Martin Freeman
Day 27 — Character you’d most like to be: Sherlock
Day 28 — Character you’d least like to be: Magnussen
Day 29 — Your favourite thing about Sherlock: his deduction ability
Day 30 — Favourite Mrs Hudson moment:

mrs hudson, sherlock, and sherlock holmes image

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