this is a list of my favorite movies

1- Mean Girls (Chicas pesadas)

mean girls, pink, and lindsay lohan image mean girls, burn book, and pink image

2- If i stay (Si decido quedarme)

if i stay, love, and couple image if i stay, movie, and book image

3- The fifth wave (La quinta ola)

the 5th wave and alex roe image nick robinson, boy, and the 5th wave image

4- Nerve (Un juego sin reglas)

nerve, couple, and game image nerve, dave franco, and movie image

5- Beauty and the Beast (La bella y la bestia)

Temporarily removed beauty and the beast, belle, and dan stevens image

6- Me before you (Yo antes de ti)

me before you, movie, and emilia clarke image books, gif, and movies image

7- Moana

Image by muffin2017 disney, gif, and moana image

8- Marley and me (Marley y yo)

dog, marley and me, and film image filme and marley e eu image

9- The impossible (Lo imposible)

the impossible image 2012, touching, and true story image

10- La ciudad de las estrellas (La la land )

emma stone, la la land, and ryan gosling image couple, love, and la la land image

11- charlie st. Cloud (más allá del cielo)

zac efron image promise, zac efron, and movie image

12- Paper towns (Ciudades de papel)

gif, john green, and movie image quotes, lost, and paper towns image

13- easy A ( se dice de mí )

easy a, emma stone, and movie image emma stone, easy a, and Penn Badgley image

Do not want to make this article very long, my movie list is really big and varied ...💋

Thanks for reading❣️