Hello everybody!! So, I've been into the body positivity community since I started to recover from my eating disorders, and it has been quite a journey. From the moment I started following all those instagram #bodypositivity accounts, I started to realize we all deserve to love ourselves just the way we are. Our body is our home, is our shelter, we must take care of it and love it just the way it is. So I decided to write an article on things I got to know that had help me to learn to love myself and feel confident in my own skin throughout these years.

Don't believe what you see on media

When I was scrolling on instagram and a picture of a Victoria Secret model appeared with more than 400k likes, the first thing it came to my mind was that she was so beautiful and then I compared her with myself, and I felt terrible. I saw myself as a pig when I picture me vs her.

But then I realize that model's diet was mostly starvation. She wasn't healthy, she was consuming 1000 a day and burning more than 600. Then I realized she was photoshopped. I realized she was posing for her stomach to look flatter. And then, I realized that no one who was around me was actually that way, that everyone had imperfections. We are human and we are imperfect, we starve for chocolate or for pizza. And thats OK.

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Know that you are human, you are imperfect

Even if you try your hardest to eat clean everyday (which is one of my next tips), you will have cravings and you will eat 5 slices of pizza. Thats OK. Girls, most of us have hell of a craving on our periods, so if you ate a whole bar of Hershey's is OK. You must answer on what your body is saying to you.

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Eat clean is the best

Eating clean is one of the best things that I do to feel better in my body. It makes me feel like everything is running fine, that I don't have chemicals and colorants on my system, it makes me feel healthy, it makes me feel like a love myself so much that I will not eat something that is 90% artificial stuff and 10% real nutrients.

Here you can find a lot of clean meals ideas :)


Take out some time, even if you are lazy af (as I am) you can stand up, put on some music and just dance. You can go to the gym, do some cardio, do yoga, lift up some weights, whatever you want. And what is important about this: while moving, always think that YOU CAN DO IT. Think you are strong enough to get over your whole workout.

For example, if you dance, imagine you are dancing amazingly infront of a crowd. Think positive.

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Accept the flattery

Sometimes when we are in a constant war with ourselves and people tell us something nice, we don't believe them and we just say "Oh thanks but no". If someone tells you you have beautiful eyes, accept it. You have beautiful eyes. Beautiful smile? You have it. And that will improve your mood amazingly.

These are just a few things that I really believe will help you gain more confidence. EveryBODY is beautiful! (reference to Iskra)

if you want to get more into this beautiful community, here are a few of my favorite inspirations and role models that had thought me a lot.

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Thanks for reading!! <3