Let's say you're best friends with the members of BTS, but what type of best friend is each of them?


(This is just for fun, don't take it too seriously. I'll make an article like that for each member of BTS. If you want me to make more articles like that go ahead and let me know by sending me a postcard!)

Jungkook aka "The Almost Boyfriend Type"

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It's a very special type of friendship. You're very VERY close, but neither one of you thinks of it in a romantic way.
  • No matter how tired he is, he always becomes hyper when he sees you
  • Casually cuddles with you twenty times a day
  • Lets you sit on his lap during a movie night even though the whole couch is empty
  • Likes to run his fingers through your hair
  • Stares at you until you notice, then smirks or winks
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  • Doesn't really care if you see him without a shirt on or in his boxers
  • Doesn't care about you not wearing makeup either
  • Regurarly comes over to your house just to hang out, but ends up sleeping in our bed, because it's too late to go home
  • Likes to pinch your cheeks even though you hate it
  • Lets you style his hair, paint his nails and put makeup on him then forgets about it and comes back to the dorm with red lipstick, black nails and heavy eyeliner on
  • Gets teased by the other boys a lot for having a "secret girlfriend"
  • "Just admit that you two are dating! We're not gonna kill you for that or anything. You can be honest"
  • He wishes you'd be dating him though, but you're too good of a friend to lose you if the relationship doesn't work out
  • Casually holds your hand or plays with your fingers
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  • Really likes to take naps while resting his head on your chest or stomach
  • You don't even have to give him permission to lay on top of you, you'd be studying or reading in bed and he'd just flop on top of you nearly crushing you
  • Groans angrily when you try to move to make yourself comfortable, because you're interrupting his sleep
  • Talks or moans softly while sleeping (and you always make fun of him for that)
  • Puts his head on your lap a lot
  • "I need a place to crash for a few days. Mind if I stay here?"
  • Stays at your house for two weeks
  • For some reason prefers to come to your house after a pracice to shower than shower at the dorm
  • Sweaty Jungkook chasing you around the house trying to hug you
  • "GET AWAY FROM ME! YOU'RE COVERED IN SWEAT!" "Don't you love me? Give me a hug!"
  • Would definitely watch Adventure Time or Rick and Morty till 4 am then fall asleep on the couch with you in his arms
  • Is very huggable, you can literally hug him from behind while he's making breakfast at 6 am still half asleep and he'll just smile and rub your arm
  • Makes cereal for breakfast, but acts like he's in a cooking show and he's making a very complicated dish
  • Sometimes just smiles while looking at you without a specific reason
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  • Makes fun of you a lot like a little kid, mimics something you said or did to irritate you, because he thinks you're adorable when you're mad
  • When you're starting to get annoyed he'd peck your cheek a few times or just kiss you all over your face (avoiding your lips of course)
  • Loves when you try to teach him english, because he can easily annoy you by making fun of english words and the way you pronounce them
  • When you're SUPER angry at him and tell him you're not gonna talk to him anymore he either hugs you tightly and doesn't let go even though you push him off (he'd still be holding on to your leg like a koala bear) or hugs you and squishes his cheek onto yours making you both look like cute mochis
  • When he knows you're somewhere in the crowd during his concert he tries to show off, dance and sing better or do sexy poses, show his abs etc.
  • Then after the concert when you're already backstage he's always running to you with open arms and giggling like a little kid just to take you into a bear hug and pick you up
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  • Loves when you play with his hair and always asks you to do it to the point when it becomes your habit
  • Falls asleep whenever you play with his hair or gets very sleepy
  • Sleepy Jungkook is the best Jungkook
  • When he's sleepy he's having trouble with keeping his eyes open and his face becomes a little red and even though he barely knows what's happening around him he still smiles sheepishly when he sees you or giggles softly
  • Jungkook yawning like a kitten is also a cute thing
  • Falls asleep all over your house in general like one day you'd come home from a shopping trip and find Jungkook passed out on your bed, couch or even floor
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  • Loves competing with you, bets and everything that lets him win over you
  • Loves playing video and online games with you especially League of legends
  • You both have stupid childish and probably perverted usernames on all of your gaming accounts
  • You know each others social media acounts passwords (man, that's a real friendship right there)
  • Makes sarcastic remarks whenever you play any game with him just to piss you off
  • Pushes you and distracts you while playing Mario Kart then giggles like a child when you yell at him
  • "So what do I get as a winner?"
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  • Really likes when you buy new lipstics, because you always need to see if the lipstick leaves marks when your lips touch something and his neck jusst happens to be your favourite thing to test your lipsticks on
  • When you're done testing your lipstics he goes to the bathroom to "clean it off" but really just stares at all of the lip shaped stains covering his neck
  • Lowkey gets jelous when you go on dates
  • Gets extra jelous if you put on a nice dress, because you never get dressed like that when you're hanging out with him
  • !!!!!Jelousy overload!!!! when you use the perfume he bought you for chrismas before you go on a dtae with other guy
  • Spies on the guy you're dating and desperately tries to find something bad about him
  • His family probably knows you very well and ships you with him
  • Lets you wear his clothes and doesn't even comment on you wearing his t-hshirt to bed, just smirks
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  • Likes watching you putting on makeup and pushing you when you try to do your eyeliner
  • Hates when you take him to Sephora and do swatches on his hand, complains about having dirty hand covered in "sticky makeup shit" and wants you to buy him Burger King food as a reward for that "tortures"
  • Invites you to the studio to watch him dance, but you two just end up making fun of the choreo or dancing weirdly to the song
  • Your whole gallery is just photos of you and Jungkook or Jungkook's selfies
  • Gets super mad when he invites you to an award show, but you end up talking to other idols while he's performing
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  • Doesn't understand why Big Hit doesn't let him hang out with you in public
  • "But why can't I just go for a walk with her?" "Because you'd do something dumb like hold her hand." "Why can't I hold her hand?" "Because the fans will think that you're dating." "Why would they think that?"
  • Wants you to tag along every time he has a photoshoot, you end up distracting him as he makes funny faces to you and the bodyguard just shakes his head, because he knows Jungkook would be upset if he asked you to leave the set
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  • No matter what you eat you ALWAYS have to share it with Jungkook. He'd just sit next to you while you're eating ice cream and he'd open his mouth and look at you waiting for you to feed him
  • Sometimes he'd get mad at you for not giving him attention or not having time for him, then he'd be very quiet and avoid your eyes
  • He'd be over it as soon as he saw your puppy dog eyes though
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  • Does a lot of stupid shit to impress you
  • His noonas and bodyguards probably have like 20 heart attacks daily because of the things he tries to do to impress you
  • And you're probably yelling at him to stop doing dangerous shit every two seconds
  • "Wanna bet that I'll do a backflip right now?" "JUNGKOOK STOP YOU'RE GONNA HURT YOUR STUPID ASS!"
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  • Memorizes a lot of the stupid little things you say to him like your favourite colour, the dress you wanted from your favourite store, your childhood celebrity crush, your favourite flavour of lipgloss
  • Dirty jokes, dirty jokes, dirty jokes
  • Whenever you said something that could potentially be an innuendo, he'd make a dirty joke about it and you'd just shoot him a death glare
  • When you're not around he always sends you snapchats or texts (the other boys get mad at him a lot for doing that because he usually does it during practices or fansigns)
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  • Gets offended when you make fun of him or call him Jungkookie
  • Secretly loves when you call him Jungkookie though
  • Likes showing off his strength to you or when you touch his muscles
  • Likes it even more when you comment on how good he looks in a new outfit, with a new haircut or in a new MV
  • It takes one touch of your hand to make his nervousness or anger go away. He ALWAYS relaxes when you put your hand on his cheek or shoulder
  • He makes a pouty face when he's sad and opens his arms for you to hug him and when you do he buries his head in the crook of your neck and sighs while you play with the hair at the back of his neck
  • No matter how busy he is he always finds time to Face Time or call you before he goes to sleep. Sometimes he doesn't get any sleep because he chooses to talk to you all night long
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