I am pretty sure thats one of the most amazing yet awful things that could ever happend to someone.
You have found the love of your life but he/she is so far away from you.
The only way you can see and talk with him/her is through your phone or laptop, thats the only thing that you have to communicate with him/her.
It is really hard but I am sure that it is totally worth it. The relationship is obviously more complicated but its so pure because you really have to trust the other person. I am talking about 100% of trust. Of course that there will be times when you will doubt about what are you feeling because maybe you are confused or scared which is normal.
You get attach to someone without knowing him/her in person, thats crazy.
You doubt about his/her feelings, you get insecure about your relationship, you overthink everytime he/she is not talking with you, you think the worst that could happen but at the end of the day you will let that go because you love that person so much.
People say that this kind of relatioship don´t last forever but I think that they are wrong.
There's a lot of people in this world, do you think that the love of your life will be in your country? Or living close to your house? I dont think so. The love of your life could be living in Paris or somewhere in South America, you cant possible know where or when you will find the love of you life.
So if you are in a long distance relationship keep fighting for the person that you love the most and never give up, it is hard but not impossible.