Heyy, this is just a playlist of songs I've liked this week. I'm trying to start to make one a week but who knows??

Lostmyhead-The 1975

P.D.A- Scott Helman

Helpless- Ashanti, Ja Rule (off the Hamilton mixtape)

Drew Barrymore-SZA

Pink+White-Frank Ocean

Dream of Mickey Mantel- Jack Antonoff

This must be my dream- The 1975

Little of your love- HAIM

Doves in the wind- SZA

You made her- Scott Helman

Don't take the money- Jack Annionoff

Solo- Frank Ocean

You never knew- HAIM

Here's a spotify like https://open.spotify.com/user/chantalemilyy/playlist/6XW6a9WfE1X4JzXepONMHb
hope you likke <3