ts finally October!!!!!!! This is my favorite month of the entire year! There are spooky moves on tv, pumpkin themed EVERYTHING is now acceptable (though I’ve been drinking my pumpkin coffee since the end of august) the weather is finally getting colder so oversized sweaters are back! We have baseball playoffs, football Sundays and hockey season is finally starting!!! And its pretty much the first day of Halloween, so with all these amazing things going on this month I always find that I end up posting on here and on instagram more often this time of year.

If you ever wanted to gain more traffic to your instagram page I’m here to suggest a way that has helped with my page in the past, starting instagram groups. The idea is very simple we create a group message (up to 15 people) follow everyone in the group and whenever you post something you send it to the group, then everyone in the group will like and comment on your post, this brings more activity to your post which will help your page show up on suggested people to follow for more users. There are no qualifications to be part of this crew I just ask that you be active. To join all you have to do is send me a message on here or on instagram, I’m earthtomaryx on everything, and I’ll set up every thing else from there. If more than 15 people respond I’ll defiantly make more groups and be sharing everyones posts to the different groups. My goal is to bring a amazing, supportive, positive environment found to WHI to other social media platforms.

With the group feel free to share any posts not just your own really there aren’t any rules besides don’t be mean. And since you can names the group chats on instagram I’m taking any name suggestions as well.

love and rockets- earthtomaryx