Now that October is here, it’s about the time to think about your wardrobe for fall. Usually people go through their closet and put summer clothes aside at this point, because summer dresses can't be worn during fall, right? Wrong!

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I’m taking this very cute gingham print mini dress as an example and showing you three ways to style it for the fall.

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A cute way to transform any dress: layering! Dresses over tops is very 90’s and the trend is here to stay. I can especially recommend trumpet sleeve shirts, they look really cool. However, the best thing is, you can try out any top you have in your closet - no need to buy anything new. This trend is very warm and therefore, perfect for the chilly weather.

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With a sweater

This look is the opposite to the first one. Wear the dress under your favorite fall sweater, no matter if it’s loose and long or fitting and cropped. This is also a way to cheat you have more clothes, since the dress becomes a skirt this way. I would recommend this for those fall days, when it’s cold in the morning but warm during the day and you don’t know what to wear: you can take the sweater off when it gets warm!

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With a cardigan

The most unsurprising look from the three is to wear the dress with a cardigan. Cardigan keeps you warm but you can still show off your dress. This can also be applied to tank tops.

I hope this article was helpful ♡