Hiii Guys! Would you like to meet some Brazilian (send me a postcard and we will be friends) or would you like to go on a trip to Brazil or learn some portuguese? This article is for ya :)

1- MANO DO CÉU: It's something like OMG (in English) and has the same translation.

2- Sambar: When it is used on the internet, it means that the person is doing something incredible/amazing.

3- Shippar: Comes from the word ''relationship'' and means that you support a couple and wants them to be happy together.

4- Morta: Usually it is used when someone is not believing something, but also serves to express that you are only tired.

5- Miga: Has the same meaning of ''bff'' and has no gender, you can use for boys and girls.

6- Lacrar: Who is simply amazing!

7- Stou sad: means something like ''I'm sad''.

8- Seje Menas: Is used when someone is exaggerating in some situation and goes beyond the limits.

9- Apenas Pare: When someone does something absurd and needs to be alerted.

10- Falsiane: Nickname given to people who don't deserve our trust (FAKE PEOPLE ALERT)

I hope you liked it (it was my first article, but this is our secret, okay?) And if you want me to keep posting things about Brazil and our culture, heart!