Apples are universal in the culinary plan – with them you can cook both sweet and unsweetened dishes. This time we will talk about sweet healthy apple desserts, which are easily cooked indoors at home. The apples are delicious by themselves, and the desserts made by them are simply gorgeous. This fruit can be in e in combination with various fruits, berries, nuts, can be used with all kinds of dough and dairy products. Apple desserts are popular among lovers of homemade delicacies. And this is not surprising, since apples can be found in almost every national cuisine. Types of varieties of these fruits, as well as ways to use them in cooking are different. If you do not know what to do with apples, do not worry. The list of sweet and savory apples is huge, it can be assembled to infinity. But here we find you the most delicious options for desserts with apples. Under each picture a link that will take you to the way of preparing the dessert.