In university as much as everywhere else, they want us to judge objectively, to write objectively, to see the world objectively, and are thereby asking us to separate ourselves from our subjectivity. They basically demand from us to ignore ourselves, to ignore that we are subjects with a subjective point of view and not objects with an objective point of view. Each of us is different, each of us has a unique perspective and way of thinking, so why generalise things? Why choose objectivity over subjectivity?

Objectivity is not real. It is a product of human mind's imagination. Objectivity is a myth. We can try to judge objectively, to see the world and its matters in an objective way, but what we are really doing when we try this, is lying. We lie about how we see things, how we think about them. Instead we are talking and writing in a way we think the majority sees it. We are bending our opinion, we are denying our subjectivity in favour of something that doesn't even exists in reality, something which only exists in our intellect.

We are capable to show empathy. We can try to understand other people. We can try to see things through the eyes of friends; we can put ourselves in their shoes. We can do all this. But it has nothing to do with objectivity, and everything with subjectivity. We are able to feel the grief of a friend, because we have felt it at some point in our lives. We are capable to understand the fear of our little brother before giving his first presentation in class, because we've been there. Empathy, seeing through the eyes of another person - we can do this because of our own experience, or maybe there is some common sense, some basic understanding for emotions. We can do this because of our subjectivity. Because of our individualism.

Every one of us is unique. Every one of us has his/her own perspective. Do not suppress this. Do not tell us to suppress this. Do not teach us to suppress this - our subjectivity.