light, home, and cozy image Image by Little sea and picnic image autumn, blankets, and grass image
  • Have a picnic
Image by Kip66 haunted, bucket list, and house image
  • Visit a haunted house (Kronobergs slottsruin)
castle, cinema, and walt image girl, galaxy, and cinema image
  • Go on a cinema
beautiful, fantasy, and friends image fashion, beauty, and cosmetics image
  • Home spa
Halloween, pumpkin, and light image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image pumpkin, autumn, and Halloween image autumn, Halloween, and porch image
  • Carve a pumpkin
fire, marshmallow, and autumn image autumn, friends, and fall image autumn, fall, and fire image fire, nature, and mountains image
  • Have a bonfire (grilla korv och marshmallows)
food, pie, and autumn image apple, food, and caramel image aesthetic, orange, and autumn image food and gif image
  • Autumn baking
autumn, leaves, and candles image autumn, candle, and fall image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image candle, autumn, and fall image
  • Buy fall candles
autumn, starbucks, and fall image light, autumn, and christmas image christmas, winter, and hot ​chocolate image cacao, choco, and chocolat image
  • Drink hot chocolate
aesthetic, beautiful, and clouds image arizona, sky, and sun set image
  • Watch the sun set
soap bubble, soap bubbles, and girl blow image bubbles image
  • Blow soap bubbles
autumn, girl, and fall image autumn, fall, and style image autumn, girl, and fall image aesthetic, autumn, and fall image
  • Have a fall photoshoot