I was seventeen and innocent, until you came into my life. You taught me how to smoke and drink whiskey. I turned into someone I was not for you and thought you would love me if I did. But you were toxic for me and I spent nights crying in my bed, wishing that you would come around. But you left me on read and only called when you were drunk or lonely. The pain was to much to handle and it felt better to put the blade to my wrist rather than feeling the pain of getting your heart ripped out. At last I gave up and started trying to forget you.

gif, heart, and broken image

I was eighteen and not so innocent anymore. Thought I had learned from my mistakes. But then you came along, you invited me to parties and gave me a feeling of belonging. But I was never more than an object of desire for you and all you wanted was my body. I drank my pain away but the morning after all I could think of was you. I started putting the blade to my wrist again but this time it didn't hurt as much as my broken heart.

I was nineteen and healing. My innocence was long gone and my heart had started healing again after being broken twice. I thought I was older and wiser but then you came along. You were a gentleman and respected me. But eventually you got tired of me and stopped trying. Laying there at night crying and missing your touch, I wondered if this is all i deserve? A broken heart perhaps. Perhaps I love to much and feel to much for my own best.