These are just twenty weird things to think about

1. We are not scared to be alone in the dark, we are scared that we are not alone in the dark

2. There are some animals who can see colors that the human eye cannot.

3. You can never find the perfect hiding spot because if you were able to find it, it's not the perfect one

4. If siri hears when we say "hey siri", she is obviously listening at all times

5. Imagine how many stranger's pictures you're in the background of

6. We will never tell anybody about our own death

7.What if every thing we learn in history class is made up

8. It is selfish to think that we are the only planet with life. There are so many more universes with so many more galaxies and planets. What if there is a planet out there more advanced than us? Or what if there is a planet just like ours but with small different details?

9. What if rocks are soft but tense up when something touches them?

10. Sucking on lollipops is just swallowing flavored saliva

11. How many people have we walked by on the last day of their lives

12. What if the people who end up single are single because their soulmate died a while ago

13. We are closer to the year 2043 than we are to 1990.

14. I wonder how many people just burped

15. I wonder how many people just met the love of their life

16. Your tongue has been in your mouth longer than your teeth have.

17. You can tell a lot about a person by what the order at a restaurant when someone else is paying.

18. You may not be happy with your body, but someone out there has your body as their goal

19. It’s strange that there is a setting on your toaster to completely burn you bread

20. People born in LA at 11pm and NYC at 2am will have different birthdays, despite being born at the same exact time.

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