love is a beautiful thing that we all want one day, we all want someone to love us and protect us from anything. maybe we don't want that at the moment but one day we hope to find that person who makes us feel special and worth something.
some of us have already found love but we forget about everything around us. we forget about our friends and our responsibilities at home. we change because we're so hooked up on one person that we forget about everything around us.
we shouldn't let someone change us, we love that person but what excuse is it to forget about your friends, family, and responsibilities just because of some person who might just leave us one day.
don't forget about your friends, family and your responsibilities just because of someone, you have 24 hours in one day and cant find the time to say hi to your friend? don't forget that they were there for you when you were sad, they took time to listen to you and yet you cant give them 25 minutes of your time, all because of some guy.
friends and family are forever too