hey guys ! i've been seeing a lot of "things to do in fall" so i'm like, what the heck, why not make my own? so here are some things that you should definitely do this season.


autumn, gif, and gifs image

1. pumpkin. spice. everything. basic, i know, but it's fall. live a little.

2. go trick or treating with your friends and be creative with your costumes (: i'm doing that this year ! (we're doing monster's inc. : i'm going as boo, my friend is going as mike, and my other friend is going as sully. so there's an idea for a trio !)

3. candy corn ! if you haven't tried it, do it. it's great. honestly i don't know how some people find it disgusting. it is d e l i c i o u s.

4. decorate the house with autumn-y stuff ! my family and i have these cute porcelain pumpkins and turkeys for fall, and we put them all over. we also have really nice orange and deep red flowers (: so decorate ! you can buy fairy lights and scented candles pretty much anywhere.

5. carve pumpkins. and be creative ! find ideas online, there's some really cool, easy stuff you could do instead of a plain pumpkin face. i found some that were decorated as donuts, those were cute (:

6. buy clothing ! it's jacket season, y'all. and it's already getting chillier so go buy yourself some sweaters, coats, jeans, boots, scarves, whatever.

7. go to a fall festival ! i don't know about you guys but there's a lot of different things going on near me, so if you hear about one you should definitely go !

8. invite your friends over for thanksgiving (: honestly that sounds amazing to me, like i wouldn't want to ask for anything else but getting fat with all my friends during thanksgiving

9. go to a bonfire! i have never been to one myself, but it sounds pretty fun and one of my friends just went to one and sent me a bunch of pictures so it looked cool (:

10. craft more often! to me autumn seems like one of the most 'artsy' seasons so yeah. for example, make a wreath for your door, carve a pumpkin, or make decorations for your home (:

11. open your windows (: breathe in that autumn air.

12. visit somewhere that is known for being haunted ! scare yourself this fall (;

13. eat pumpkin seeds because they are really really good.

14. read a book by the fire (: why ?? because YES. i'm going to make a 'books you should read in fall' article later because why not (:

15. flannels. just everything you wear. flannels.

16. scary movies with friends ! scream and jump into each other's laps all you want. and don't forget hocus pocus. the best halloween movie of all time and no one is arguing with me right now.

i hope everyone enjoyed this, have an amazing autumn (: