It's awful. It's a topic that gets more and more problematic, people make others feel sad and unworthy on purpose, there are suicides caused by bullying, and some people still continue on despite that. Why? Do they think it's cool? Do they feel better then? Are they bored, or do they simply hate people?

Bullying can happen to everyone. Many think that it's always the quiet, nice geeks who are bullied by the extroverted and more popular people... but there isn't a stereotypical "bullied-person". It is possible that girls or boys who seem to have a perfect life are bullied.

And they feel bad. Of course they do. But, and I think that it's just fair, the bullies feel bad too. They are often unhappy with their own life, and bullying others, seeing others suffer makes them feel better. They can focus on something else for a moment and fill up the empty room inside them. An example: a girls' clique bullied someone of my school, a really pretty, intelligent and successful girl who was well-liked by nearly everyone. I asked them why they were doing it. One of the girls laughed in a mean way and was like: "She always gets everything she wants. I can't stand her. At least I can do something against her and her oh so perfect life." These people feel bad too, so if anyone who ever bullied somebody reads that... now you know why you won't ever feel good by bullying others.

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For all the bullied: know that your enemies aren't people who can be taken seriously. They are extremely childish and in adult life, they wouldn't fit in. Maybe at the moment you feel like YOU don't fit in, but it won't matter in a few years, when high school is over. Stay strong. Stay away from these people, and if that isn't possible, don't show weakness in front of them. You don't want them to win, do you? Ignore them or tell them what you think of them. Be confident. Stay with your good friends who support you... but remember: you don't need anyone, just yourself and your strenght. These times are tough, but they can make you a strong and confident person who can deal with life's difficulties. Maybe you might even find out something important about yourself... like that you want to help others, make the world a better and fairer place and become a lawyer... like me. Yes, I was bullied too. For sure, you can stop your enemies. Stand up to them, be confident, talk to people you trust and get help. There is always someone who can help.

And now, one of the girls who bullied me has anorexia. I think it's sad, but that just shows how bullies live their lives. They don't have a good life. But you can have a good one. Make your life your own again!

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And please, never think of suicide. I never did. They're not worth it, but you're so worthy. Please, know that.

And to all the bullies: stop bullying!

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