Let´s be serious here. We all know what is good to eat and what is bad, we all know that we need to exercise to maintain healthy and strong.
But did you know that there are also psychological proves that it makes not even your body but also your mind healthier?

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It is proven that if you eat healthy, work out and feed your mind with positive thoughts you´re actually not only happier in life but you also increase your ability to learn things by heart or in general the way you study improves.

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So here is what you can do:

1.) Eat healthy

Split your meals into several small one´s.
For example eat breakfast and drink a smoothie or eat fruits in between meals.
You can eat nuts instead as well, they have less fructose which won´t stimulate your body to be hungry to quick again after your snacks.
You can also vary your food by eating rice, chicken, veggies and drinking almond milk instead of regular milk which has less sugar and natural fat.
There are so many healthy things you can eat!
But of couse, a donut once in a while won´t hurt anybody.

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2.) Drink Water

Well I think this is the most obvious one.
By drinking 1.5-3 liters a day, you are happier, your skin looks better and you are able to concentrate on the long run.
If you don´t like the taste of water itself, you can add strawberries, cucumbers or whatever you like to give it a little taste.
Try it out!

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3.) Exercise

Who said you need a gym for that?
30 minutes daily is enough.
Just download an app with some exercises on, do some yoga, look up some workout videos on youtube, grab a yoga mat and some water and you´re good to go!
There are many easy exercises you can do at home, so go try it out!

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4.) Last but not least: Fill your mind with positive thoughts

This is probably the toughest one. But if you wake up everyday reminding yourself how grateful you are with the friends, the pets, the family you have or the simple fact that you are alive and have the chance to live another day, you can establish this good thought in your mind.
Stop comparing you to other people, especially to those who are presneting their good bodies or luxury live´s on instagram.
It is actually proven that facebook makes you unhappier especially social media in general is.
You don´t need to compare yourself to other people with different stories. Make your own. Be proud and be you.
Do what makes you happy regardless of what other people might think or say because it doesn´t matter.
Delete the useless apps, the toxic people out of your life and start surrounding yourself with what makes you happy.
Don´t feel the urge of having to snapchat all day to maintain a snapchat streak nor constantly feeling the urge to look up what other people are doing in their live´s.
Try to free yourself from the overuse of social media, of smartphones because the influence of all these things on us and our health and especially our brain is terrifying.
The real world is outside of your smartphone and outside of the internet.
Go out more with friend without having to post it all the time and just enjoy the time you spend with them.
And also, enjoy nature and its beauty.

Do all that, and your life will change to the better.

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