I didn't mean to kill him, it wasn't my fault, it all got so hard and I had to let go but I didn't know it would be like this. He just sat and cried, he cried for three whole days, just after he died he sat up and from that day I would get my revenge, somehow I knew it wouldn't be easy. I had to plan how, where and when I was going to do it, Friday the 13th was coming up, perfect timing they won't know what hit them or her.
It was free, what's free your asking well It's simple, it was free it was like god gave me a task and I had to achive even though I won't be have a halo or wings I'll be getting the avenge of my lover.
He sent me on my way with what I needed, hell did I know I was about to do was unbearable, the awful scream echoed in the cold misty night, you could see the blood basically pour out like a human blood bag, the knife was smeared in blood like it was butter it taste delightful.