hi guys,

You guys probably don't know me but that is okay..
I'm a 17 year old girl from belgium, I love WHI so much i can't even explain. :) and now you can also wright articals??? Hello that is so cool. I love to read articals that you guys wrote. oh btw I am sorry if I don't speak correct English, it's because I always speak Dutch.

I am going to introduce myself a little because is also want to start writing, I think it will be good for me if I can put my toughts somewhere.

Let me start off by saying that I am always a 'positive thinker' I don't know if that word even excist but that doesn't matter. lately I've been feeling lost. Like I can't do anything good for people because everyone get's mad at me. Last week someone told I was ugly, 'but not ugly from the outside but from the inside' he said. that hurt me so much, I'd rather be ugly from the outside than the inside, I want to be kind to people, to be helpful, to be an outgoing person, a funny person, anything but an ugly person.while i am writing this I'm crying. So stupid that I care what people think of me...