This is my first Article! Hope you like it.

I decided to write about this topic, because sometimes we feel alone in a world where there are millions of people living.
If your heart is broken then its normal you feel this way that you're alone.
Are you sad and broken? Because somebody came into your world and suddenly left? Are you thinking why I let this person come and destroy my inner world,inner peace and myself?
Well you're not alone if you think this way.
Sometimes we have to learn lessons,we gain experiences and most important one is that we become MATURE.
Don't ever curse that person.Don't ever look back and think that you did wrong.
They lose you. And they will regret later.
Most of the times when we are honest with people,they get tired of pure honesty.But be sure there are still people who will appriciate your honesty.
After many failures, you learn the lesson. Don't regret anything that happenes to you.
I do beileve after darkness theres always a light.
God has many plannes for you.If you are having hard days,If you are feeling not appriciated,just wait and see how bright furutre you are gonna have.
I can't say how long will this darkness take,but don't lose the hope that you have it inside.
Don't let the pain change you.Be the same person but more mature each and every day.
If they left you, let karma do its work. be always good to people.Be kind and honest.The right ones will notice that and will stay forever.
I hope this short article could help you to think positive about your life.
You are a unique person. And let the other unique ones find you.
You Are not alone.
Sending Happy wishes to my Happy followers :)