Hi everyone!!! So I absolutely love fashion and (in my opinion) the best season to update your wardrobe is fall!!!! Here are the top five fall wardrobe staples you absolutely need to dominate fall fashion!

1. A comfortable yet stylish neutral toned oversized sweater: pair it with some black leggings and bad ass boots and you're in business
2. A pair of brown or black ankle boots: great recommendation are the chelsea boots from J.Crew, they look great with skinny jeans or tight leggings!
3. One funky pair of jeans: you can get them cropped, wide-legged, ripped, ruffled, etc. They can be complimented with a neutral top and some flats!
4. A pair of overalls- believe it or not overalls are some of the best things on the planet, they always look great and can be paired with flats or ankle boots. Make sure to wear a statement top underneath. (off the shoulder tops can look really unique underneath a pair)
5. A cargo jacket: doesn't matter what color (they're typically army green), but they really add an edge to your outfit and can be worn with almost anything. If you really want to add some diversity to your wardrobe try to get a cargo jacket in a different color other than brown or green