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Hello again I think that Autumn is the best season for stay home all day long and just watch TV series with coffee (tea) , when outside is cold and rain I love it. so here is my list of TV series which you will like 1)Game of Thrones I don't know if there is still a person who haven't watched it but I have to say that this is really amazing show, there are all genres combined : horror, drama, fantasy, and etc. this TVshow have really interesting and beautiful story, so find a good place and start watching it. :)
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2) on the second place I decided to put Shameless, This is a story of one big American family which will show you how life goes when you have no one who will take care of you and e are a lot of funny moments and in the final of first season you will be in love with these crazy family.
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3) I know there is no person who haven't watched "skam" but I can't miss it. This is really great show for teenagers , I learnt a lot from it . It is about teenager's problems and if you love drama this is for you.
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4) If you love detective and some fantasy too Lucifer is perfect choice, there are a lot of funny moments and weird drama too.
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5) The last is "The Exorcist" I love horror genre and this show is my favourite from this genre, If you like too you should watch it