Hello hearters! <3

Today I am going to share some of my fears with you. I think we all are afraid of something, and if you want to share your fears with me you can send me a postcard.

Here we go:
3 fears I have and why I am afraid of them.

1: I am insanely afraid of heights. This fear I have had all my life. I don't know were it came from, but I have never been able to deal with heights. You are probably thinking I am afraid of really high heights, but I get dizzy even when I lay down in my bed.. Witch is 60 cm from the ground. I try to do things to overcome this fear, and so far I have taken rollercoasters and zipline. I have never been so afraid my entire life when I did those things, but each thing takes me one more step towards overcoming my fear of heights.

2: Number two is my fear of cats. I got this fear a long time ago. I was at my friends birthday party. I was going to pet her cat when it got angry and bit me in my thumb. Since that day I have been afraid of all cats. I think they are way to unpredictable and I don't know if I will ever overcome this fear.

3: My third and last fear are a bit more personal and it is not a physical thing. I am very afraid of people leaving me, not talking to me or talking about me behind my back. I don't care too much about rumors because I know the truth, but they are so unnecessary. I have been bullied for a lot of years, I am not bullied anymore because I have become a different person and I know how to stand up for myself now. But when I make friends, I am really afraid of them leaving me. I know that the persons who leave me are not real friends, but it still hurts. I have been left by a lot of fuckboys (surprise, surprise) and I have been left by some of my "friends". One of my "friends" is not talking to me anymore and she is spreading rumors about me all over school. People don't believe her, but she tries really hard to ruin my reputation. This makes me sad.

I hope you liked today's article. I really feel closer to you when I write something like this. Talk to you tomorrow. Send me a postcard if you want to talk to me, I would really love to get to know you. <3

Heart, Helena! <3