today we will be talking about how to turn your life around. as someone who struggled with hard, emotional, and sad times. as someone who got bullied on the bus for a year and a half because of her looks. as someone who has dealt with a horrible, manipulative friendship - i'm here to tell you how to bring your life around.

part one. | for the shy people aka me!

i was always very loud at home, because i knew these people for so long, at school - well, it was a completely different story. once i almost cried on the first day because i didn't know anybody and i was SO scared!

if you're struggling w/ depression, i want you to know that all bad things come to an end. i want you to know i love you. i want you to know somebody else loves you. i want you to know that everyone needs you. you hold a role. you are important. without you, something would always be empty. because you are special. and you deserve to know that. live. live your life because soon you will be happy. you will have friends. people will like you. people will admit they need you. because they do.

you are a ray of sunshine after the rain, you are the sun. you bright everything up, and we need you to survive. because you hold a role. remember that. don't harm yourself. because you don't need that.

you're beautiful. smart. funny. a good friend. person. nice. sweet. amazing. perfect. you are you!

have hope. dream dreams. love yourself and your life. BE yourself.

find people you can depend on. find people who love you for you. who L I S T E N. generally, i go for the outgoing people because they contrast with me / us ;; the shy. but, anyone who makes you feel special, who treats you right, is perfect.

part two. | for the manipulated!

friendships, relationships, anything can be manipulative.

i've dealt with two manipulative relationships. there was a girl who always cheated on my homework, my anything, she even asked me to cheat on a test. then, she calls me mean and a bad friend because of it. and says she just wants help, and i should slow down to wait for her. wait for her to get my answers, and then hurry up? no! this is still going on.

then, i've dealt w/ one in the past. this girl has failed once, saying that it was because her parents pulled her back . . she acted more mature, and she compared me to bigfoot with my hairy arms, and said ; don't worry, i used to have hairy arms to.

she kept on saying she didn't want to be friends w/ me anymore, and then, she would say she wouldn't talk to me anymore. it was over the silliest things. like not playing the way she wanted on the slides.

the next day she would talk to me.

soon, i wished that she would ACTUALLY STOP talking to me.

i wanted to end our friendship. i never did, until we stopped having classes together the next year. and we drifted apart.

part three. | the advice!

if somebody doesn't like you for you ; drop them and get new friends.

if your parents don't support you, ignore them. because you're perfect. they just don't understand 2k17.

if somebody bullies you, tell someone, it doesn't make you weak or a loser, it makes you strong and a winner.