The rain is pouring down my window and my bed feels cozier than ever. I yawn and stretch over to my sleeping dog lying next to me. She looks so peaceful with closed eyes and her big nose so close to mine. I roll over on my side so my face is just inches from hers. I kiss her cold nose and see her eyes opening. Se stretches and yawns, just as I did, before she greets me with lots and lots of sloppy kisses. Today is a day where all you want do is lie in bed all day watching YouTube, drink tea and hot chocolate, wear your long sweater and thigh high socks, reading my favourite books. And that is exactly what I’m going to do today. Lie in my big, white, fluffy bed with all my pillows and blankets. Make my self the biggest cup of tea and some really good breakfast, watch harry potter and just be in my bed. All day, welcoming the autumn. I love you.