How many times did you want to give up?
How many times did you want to disappear from a terrifying situation?
How many times did you be shamed?
A lot, I know. So, yes, this text is for you.

How do I know am I talking with you? I just know.

I am going to be 100% honest. Nobody in this world is strong. Everybody has their weakness. Everybody has their problems.

After all, if you are reading this, if you are thinking " what the hell should I be proud of me?", the answer is yes. You are here. You are breathing. After all the things that you have been through, you are alive. You are not strong. You are brave. After all the shame, all the suffering, all the agony, all the pain, all the trouble you have been through, you could stand and only the braves can handle something like that. I'm not saying you're just a warrior with a sword, you're a brave warrior who can face everything. You are the warrior. Your brain and actions are your sword.
So remember, use your sword as often as the enemy's attack.

The answer is yes. You should and you are proud of you.