Hello guys , i hope you are okay . This is my new blog , it is the first time that i write one . I thought it would be fun to share with you all my tips and lifehacks that can be useful . The reason behind this is basically to get life more easier . Today , i am going to talk about '' How to be organized ''
First of all , PLAN on your agenda ( or any notebook you'll customize ) all the tasks you have to achieve on that day .

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Secondly , CLEAN YOUR ROOM because when you are working on a clean desk , you'll feel more confortable , more creative , more productive .

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Thirdly ,USE e the ''Pomodoro Technique'' which consists to work about 25 minutes nonstop and then you 'd have a short break for 5 minutes . After you can repeat it as much as you finish your homeworks . You will realize at the end that you did more things in less time instead of working all the day without consentration because of being distracted by your smartphone or something else ...

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Fourthly , DRINK a lot of water to stay hydrated while you are working . Also do not forget to eat some snacks that gives you energy ...

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And also BEAT PROCRASTINATION to reach your aims , i know it's hard but you have to try ( don't forget that you've got a magic power that can do it Hahaha )

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And finally , with all those tips you'll see that you've saved time for you (FREEDOM YEEY )

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If you want me to write about something else just text me . And do not forget to tell if this was interesting ... Hope you enjoyed it .Ciaao !!