I never loved the rain, before yesterday.
I always loved the smell after the rain but never the process of raining. What have changed?! You. You made me love the rain, you made me love the drops of the rain falling on my head and seeing you trying to put the hood on my head. I love the rain because when it started you gave me your jacket which was too big for me. Because when the cold wind blew you were walking behind me and when i asked you why you said so the wind doesn't blow on me.
Because right now while I'm writing this I'm sitting in your jacket even tho it’s warm at home. But that jacket smells like you, i can close my eyes and pretend you are here, next to me.
I can’t help myself but thinking about you, i wanna tell the whole world about you, i want to introduce you to my parents. But i cant cause you’re not mine. Even tho you make me love a lot of things, you make me hate the same amount of things as well. I hate that we didn't kiss under that hacking rain yesterday and that when you proposed to take me home i was obliged to say «no thanks» cause i know you asked it just because you’re polite. I hate the fact that i don't know are we just friends or something more. I hate the fact that i cant just call you to say how much i miss you I hate that i should give you this amazingly smelling jacket back. I hate that you mean so much to me although i know nothing about your feelings to me.
But one thing i know for sure, every time from today, whenever it will rain, i will remember the day of yesterday, and i hope, oh god, how i hope, it will always be a reminder to tell you how much i love you.