Hey, cuties!I will post my favorites of each month the first week of every month.Here are my September favorites!

Outfit of the month

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Black Jeans | White T-shirt | Grey Cardigan | White Converse | Black Backpack
That was my favorite outfit, so simple and basic but still chic and cozy just what you need for a fall day!

Hearts of the month

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My most hearted images were fashion related, and they really inspired me to upgrade my fall closet.I also hearted many inspiring quotes that will help me to be brave and go for it!
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How to make your room brighter and more white by @julleskidd
A girl against herself by @myeverythinghoneymoon
For more fashion inspiration:
For inspirational quotes:


Of course, I had to be basic and listen non-stop to Taylor's new song "Look what you made me do":
But besides the original, I really loved this nightcore version of it:
This year official song for Worlds Championship at League of Legends was just fire!
Last but definitely not least, is a k-pop song "DNA" by BTS and it's probably my favorite one of them.

Movies | Series | Animes

  • Teen Wolf
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This month was Teen Wolf's finale and I'm just so sad that it ended but it's my favorite show and the first one that I watched till the end!( that proves a lot trust me )
Here is the trailer for season 1 if you are interested:
  • Tsurezure Children
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Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
It's a new anime and the first season ended this month.It's a great anime that depicts various scenarios of young love coming to fruition, along with the struggles and joys that it entails.I laughed so hard and you will definitely find a couple or a person that you can relate.My favorite "couples" are Masafumi Akagi-Ryouko Kaji, Takurou Sugawara-Chizuru Takano, and Chiaki Uchimura-Kana Ijima.
Here is the trailer with English sub:

My random favorites

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I know this is more personal but I really want to share it with you guys!Yesterday I finally cut and dyed my hair(it was much needed after all the bleaching).After I and my bf went to a local festival/bazaar and of course he had to be the sweetest guy ever and surprise me by buying me a watch from there!We walked all day, drunk bubble tea, got cotton candy( Yayyyy!!! ) and had so much fun!

I hope that you got some inspiration!Feel free to postcard or message me your September favorites!See ya soon xixixi ❤️

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