hola amigos je ne parle pas espagne.
i don't speak french either as a matter of fact, but that's not the point.
Today i will write a little list of things to bring, do, and remember when having a fall picnic!
I highly suggest having a fall picnic, its soooooo cozy and it's nice making a use of the last days that you can actually go outside without freezing to death.
let's get into the list!

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1. Vintage plates and cups! it might be more practical to bring paper plates and plastic forks, especially if you bring a lot of people, but vintage plates and fall leaves just fit so well together!
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2. Make sure its nice and sunny. depending on where you live, the temperature might vary, but it's always a little bit better to be outside when it's sunny either way. If you live in a cold place, this might also help staying alive outside for more than three seconds
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3. Dress for success, and bring extra clothes! again, some of you live in places where you walk in shorts and crop tops all year long, but in Norway, where i live, it's cold from September to May. I also believe that people in most northern parts of USA and Canada feel the same way. Bring an extra sweater, mittens, socks and a scarf! Don't let cool weather ruin your perfect picnic!
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4. Fruits and veggies. fall is the best time of the year to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies. swing by a local store and grab some of the season favorites like apples, plums and pumpkins!
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5. the location. there are so many opportunities! the beach, the woods, a lake, a field, even in your own yard! Just make sure you go somewhere quiet, as the further away from civilization, the better!
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6. what to bring.

-a blanket, you can use a bed cover
-a basket or a backpack
-something to drink
-fruits and veggies!
-croissants, cinnamon buns or a pie
-cups and plates
-good music, and a speaker
-enough clothes
-books (optional)
-good friends!

check out my other articles, and follow me if you want more lists like this one.