hi here,
to be honest I really don't know what to expect from this season. I love autumn, that vibes of autumn and all of this stuff around. But I still can not feel it real. Can you? Can you feel something in real? I can not. I think I don't even live.. I have no life, I do nothing and I feel kind good, but not everytime. Want I to live? Or no? Is this good for me? Sitting in front of notebook and writing my thoughts? I love it, I love it more than myself. But I need to live. I need to make friends, make crazy things, feel that adrenaline.I need to smile every time, sleep a lot and live my life. Feel kinda more good, feel love so good and hug more. Kiss everyone and hold hands with chosen people. Make memories, take lot of photos and write this in my diary. I need to worry less, don't be stupid and worried. I can not be scared.