Full house is a sitcom that is about when Danny Tanner’s brother in low Jesse Katsoplis and his best friend Joey Gladstone moves in his house to help him raise his three daughters since their mother passed away. This show fills with laughter, heartwarming and love. But this show also has episode where involve issues that a teenager or an adult goes through. They are body issues, feminism, abuse and possibly many more.

1. Body Issues
In season 4 there’s an episode when DJ decides to go on a diet for Kimmy Gibbler’s pool party. In one scene we found out that DJ hasn’t eaten in three days. In another scene she’s faint from a workout and since she hasn’t eaten anything for the past three days it shows her body lacks any nutrients that weakens. She snaps at the Gang when try to get her to eat and ask her questions like if she’s ok. Stephanie tells everyone that DJ has eaten in three days which makes everyone worried for her. Danny decides to talk to DJ about it. In the end DJ feels better and decides to eat healthy instead of starving herself. In real life Candace Cameron Bure who plays DJ tanner went through some body issues during her teen life. She mentions that she didn’t like her chubby face and had a struggle to loose weight. Eating junk food was her comfort food. She does finds a trainer and in season 7 or 8, you could see a change in Candace. If you check out her Instagram, she looks healthy and her body looks gorgeous especially after having kids.

2. Feminism
Now feminism plays a big role in the show. The girls have done things that is usually recommended to guys. DJ has done Karate, Stephanie was a pitcher for her baseball team and Michelle played soccer and build a racecar along with Becky. In one episode when Michelle is building Racecar with Becky, one of the male classmates tells Michelle that girls can’t build a racecar in which Michelle feels embarrassed and believes every word the kid says. The men tells her that just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean it should stop her for doing masculine things. In the same episode Joey also learns ballet from Stephanie.

3. Abuse
This subject is a very touchy subject to many people who have gone through with it. Season 6 there’s an episode when Stephanie is forced to partner with a boy name Charles who Stephanie dislikes. In one scene when they are studying Michelle tells Stephanie that she’s forgotten to take out the trash last night and that she’s in big trouble. Charles says things which confuse Stephanie and she tells him that her dad never hits her. Stephanie tells him why he would think that and asks him has it happened him. Charles tells her that his dad physical abuses him and when he came to class one day with a black eye it wasn’t cause from him running to a door but from his dad. Charles leaves in a rush and tells Steph not to tell anyone. In another scene Danny grounds Michelle and Michelle tells Stephanie that their father is mean. Stephanie gets upset with Michelle and tells her stop saying mean things about their father and tell her how lucky they are to have a father like Danny.Jesse notice a change through Stephanie and asks her where this is coming from. At first Stephanie doesn’t tell him but decides to. Stephanie tells Jesse that Charles hasn’t been at school and is very worried about him. Jesse tells her that he has rang child support or something and they pulled Charles out of his home and into another home. Stephanie gets upset and says that shouldn’t of told Jesse and believes that Charles will hate her forever. Jesse says that Charles won’t hate her and if he kept living in that house than something bad would happened. They have a heartfelt talk and they go to the kitchen since dinner was ready. In the last scene Stephanie hugs Danny, he asks her what was that for in which Stephanie replied that it was for no reason.