Hi! I'll be sharing with you, some of my favourite pieces of clothing, that make up my style as a whole.

Graphic Tees
I absolutely love graphic tees, because they add so much to your outfit, and make it so much more personal. They're usually super original, and creative, and show a lot about your personality.

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Sweatshirts are the best to cuddle up with, especially during fall and winter. They're always so comfortable, and look great with jeans, or leggings.

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Jackets usually just add something extra to your outfit. The extra layer of clothing can usually complete your style and add so much.

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Denim Shorts
These always look amazing, with anything you pair them with. Denim shorts are super cool because they come in a variety of colours (light, medium, and dark wash) and styles (distressed, high waisted, etc.)

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Sneakers are probably my favourite thing here. They're so comfortable and look great with literally everything.

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Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this article, and that it inspired you in some way. ❤️