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Find out which Shawn Mendes song describes you based on your zodiac sign! Source: Buzzfeed
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Aries You got "Ruin" from "Illuminate".
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Taurus You got "Kid In Love" from "Handwritten".
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Gemini You got "Stitches" from "Handwritten".
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Cancer You got "Air" from "Handwritten".
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Leo You got "Life Of The Party" from both "Handwritten" and "The Shawn Mendes EP".
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Virgo You got "I Don't Even Know Your Name" from "Handwritten".
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Libra You got "Mercy" from "Illuminate".
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Scorpio You got "A Little Too Much" from "Handwritten".
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Sagittarius You got "Three Empty Words" from "Illuminate".
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Capricorn You got "The Weight" from "Handwritten".
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Aquarius You got "Something Big" from "Handwritten".
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Pisces You got "Treat You Better" from "Illuminate".