Since we are in October that means Halloween is close... so I wanted to share with you all some cool Halloween make up ideas you can use

  • The Scarecrow
Halloween and makeup image
  • Wonder Woman
mujer maravilla, Halloween, and makeup image
  • Broken Face
Halloween, makeup, and make up image
  • Golden skull
Halloween, makeup, and gold image
  • Rainbow skull
Halloween, makeup, and hair image
  • Mermaid skull
makeup, Halloween, and mermaid image
  • Colorful skull
colour, Halloween, and make up image
  • Star skull
makeup, Halloween, and make up image
  • Melting ice cream face
Halloween and make-up image
  • Gold and carbon
Halloween, makeup, and beauty image
  • Fairy unicorn
unicorn, Halloween, and makeup image
  • Moon and sun skull
makeup, Halloween, and moon image
  • Neon skull
makeup, Halloween, and neon image
  • Dead gypsy
makeup, Halloween, and girl image
  • Tribal
makeup and Halloween image
  • Dead goddess
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  • Blue and purple mystique
lips, dark girl, and purple image
  • Spring goddess
Halloween and makeup image
  • The Alien
Halloween, make up, and makeup image

You want to see more? Here it is my Halloween Make Up collection where you will find more ideas:

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Hope you liked the article and use one of these looks in Halloween! -Alison G.