If someone wants me to write my articles also in french just tell me and I will! (Si quelqu'un veut que j'écrive mes articles également en français juste dites le moi, envoyer moi un message sur we heart it ou par email (lafranisie@gmail.com).

Hey guys! So I'm new on WHI and I think that it might be a good idea to introduce myself for you, you will know a bit more about me. :)
I don't know if i'll post pictures of me on WHI, maybe one day, who knows haha.

Firstly I'm French (it's normal if there are some mistakes in my articles haha) but i'm living in Asia since 2015 because my dad is working there. I'm 17 yo, I have 2 sisters and 1 brother but they are living in France because they are older than me, i miss them sooo much!

Thing that I love to do :


-Listening music

-Watching movies and series on netflix or just on streaming if what I'm watching isn't on netflix!

-The thing that I love the most is animals.

Where I have been :

-Hong Kong


-Indonesia (Bali)


- Australia in december.

I use WHI everyday but I'll post only one or two articles per week, it's sure that there'll be a new article every sunday, and sometimes one the wednesday!

In my articles I'll talk about :

-My routines (skincare routine, sunday routine etc)

-A playlist once per month

-My favourites movies and series

-My travels

-Makeup or some products for the body or the face


-Just things that I wanna talk about

If you want me to talk about something in particular just ask me, you can send me a message on my mail : lafranisie@gmail.com ! :)

See u next sunday guys! :)