Maybe it wasn't meant to happen, maybe we just weren't to each other, and maybe we were just kids on the eadge of the love cliff. Well, at least me, I did not know your intentions, you didn't talked to me like the way I wanted to, the flirty-cute way, the I'm-going-to-talk-to-you-because-I-like-you way, because that was the only way I could talk and think about you. The only way you could be you in my world was beside me at bed, was in the sofa watching whatever series we could think of, or perhaps it was just sleeping with you whenever you could because of work. I Couldn't have that, so I went away from your arms, the arms I think I'll never know if you wanted them around me, I went away but I wasn't ready yet so I continue talking to you in your way, the co-workers-friends way, the cold-friend-I-ever-know-from-you way... and I started dating, the marks it left me on my neck a boy I barely knew may have have left some marks on your heart the time you saw mine, but you did never told me, if you could just told me, just any sign, just a little sign from you it's not much asking, Is it?
Between my pain and confusion I talked to you still, not even a moment I thought of giving up on you, not even when you were telling me all the opposite of what you were feeling... I just thought of the possibility that you may have been hurt when my love bites were impregned on my skin like proves of my mistakes, for just a moment I thought you could have been started to feel something at me, and I have an unbearable feeling that I fucked up, with everything, with me and with you. But as I'm never gonna ask you, and you're never gonna tell me by yourself... we'll just gonna stand in front of each other with questions flying over our foreheads, some stupid little love words in our tongues, and some big feelings inflirted on our hearts.