Hello October! 🍄🍁

I have been waiting for this season and month with burning passion for the last weeks. Now that my final exams are over it is time to fully embrace this lovely, wonderful season. Without further ado, here are my October favourites~ 🍂

🍁 Halloween. Throw a Halloween party, bake some Halloween inspired goods and watch those creepy ass horror movies with friends

funny boo

🍁 fuzzy socks, fuzzy blankets, fuzzy everything

clothes autumn

🍁 cozy evenings with baked apple and vanilla scented candles, autumn playlist, tea or hot chocolate and pyjamas. Get under the covers and enjoy the peaceful moment with your warm fuzzy socks on

book book

🍁 long walks by myself in the woods. This is a great way to take in the beauty of this season. Listen to the sounds of nature or explore some new autumn inspired music (My personal favourite right now is the first solo album from Harry Styles)

autumn green
nature, snow, and mountains image

🍁 libraries, coffee shops and tiny boutiques. Autumn is a great season to explore new corners of the city and the hidden pages of books we have always wanted to read.

book book

🍁 seasonal trends. Cardigans, scarfs and beanies. Warm, earthy colours and different textures. There's so much to love.

style aesthetic autumn autumn

🍁 afternoons spent by watching movies and television series from the 90's. Friends, Good Will Hunting and 10 things I hate about you, just to name a couple.

couple 90s
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