Day 1 (Monday):
Talk to the wall during class and ignore your teacher.

Day 2 (Tuesday):
Play a game with your friends. Tie balloons around your ankles. Try to pop your friends' balloons - but only using your legs! The last one standing with at least one balloon on his or her leg wins.

Day 3 (Wednesday):
Go skinny dipping in the nearest pool ;)

Day 4 (Thursday):
Paint a mural for your parents' on their bedroom wall, however good or bad you are at painting or drawing.

Day 5 (Friday):
Wear very heavy and very ridiculous makeup (even if you're a boy, bruh) and ask your parents how you look. Take a pic/video of their reaction and your face then post it on your social media! or send it to me haha:))) jkjk

Day 6 (Saturday):
Cook something incredibly hard to cook that comes from a TV Chef menu. If your kitchen burns down then...amen.

Day 7 (Sunday):
Play a very, very noisy and loud song at three in the morning. Or if you're not a morning person, why not at night? You can play your favorite song too! I like k-pop, so... ;)))))))))))))