Soooooooo I´ve been reading a load of articles on here about going to college and I decided to upload mine because I'm going thruogh the same thing.

High school was a total roller coaster for me, so when it was over a was the happiest person in the world. I dreamt of studying in the capitol wich is miles away from my home, applied to the school of dreams got in and moved out of my home.

I miss a tit load my home and my boyfriend, friends, well my friends from high school turned out to be no the best people to be with so I just miss really close friends (for example, friends that come all the way from elementary school o middle school) so you get the idea.

Coming to college was very emotional my room mate (actually house mate), because in Mexico schools don't give dorms or anything like that, is a good friend of my of years ago so that's awesome, but when I had to say good bye to my mom when we finished unpacking was haertbreaking.

I think that being in the city and the career you have wanted for a while is one the best feeling you can get to experience in your stilll teenager abot to be young adult period of time, yeah yo miss home a lot, like seariously a lot, but in some way you know you can be by your own.

Sorry for my bad writting promise to get better at it, much love and luck to everyone