Day 9. Your own idea, for a challenge.

Mi propia idea para un challenge, está claro que no es idea original pero siempre lo quise hacer.


1- Favorite Serie/ Serie favorita:

  • Teen Wolf (Lobo adolescente): 6 Seasons
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2- Series you are ashamed to admit you see / Serie que te da vergüenza admitir que ves.

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3- Favorite character/ Personaje Favorito

Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf, Hannah Marin from Pretty little liars, Bellamy Blake from the 100 and Arya Stark from Game of thrones.

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4- Series you hooked on (you didn´t think you would) / Serie a la que te has enganchado (y no pensabas que lo harías)

  • Game of thrones/ Juego de trones
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5- Character you don´t like / Personaje que no te guste

Mr. Porter and Courtney from 13 reasons why. Thelonious Jaha from the 100 and Jennifer Teen wolf

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6- Which series do you want to star in? /¿Qué serie de televisión quieres protagonizar?

Glee, The 100, Riverdale, Teen wolf (of course), and any from Marvel

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7- Series from your childhood / Serie de tu infancia

Rugarts, Rocket power and Drake and josh

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8- Crush

dylan derek ezra boy Superthumb the 100

9- Favorite Oppening / Intro favorita

  • Pretty little liars
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10- Series you left after many seasons/ Serie que dejaste después de muchas temporadas

  • The Walking dead
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11- Have you ever put pictures of a series in you folders? /¿Has forrado la carpeta con fotos de alguna serie?

No, only my phone and social media.

12- Craziest thing you´ve done for a series/ La mayor locura que has hecho por una serie.

  • Watch a whole season in 2 days
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13- Favorite villain / Malo Favorito

  • A from PLL,Nogkitsune fom Teen wolf
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14- Series that everybody likes except you / Serie que le gusta a todo el mundo menos a ti.

  • The Vampire Diares and Orange is the new black
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15- Best series finale /Mejor final de una serie.

Although these series are not over, I really liked the season 1 finale from Stranger Things, Riverdale, the OA and The Iron fist

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16- Best pilot/ Mejor piloto de una serie.

  • The 100 and Pretty little liars
Superthumb pretty little liars

17- Have you ever seen a show twice? /¿Has visto alguna serie dos o más veces?

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18- Shows you want to watch (pending) / Series Pendientes

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Sherlock Holmes Orphan Black Vikings Bates Motel

19- Favorite couple /Parejas Fav de series.

  • Haleb
caleb Superthumb
  • Stydia
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  • Clexa
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  • Bughead
Superthumb Betty

20- Favorite quote /Frase de serie con la que hayas estado obsesionada.

  • "Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun the moon and the truth"
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Hope you enjoy it!! You are all invited to do it, and if you want you can recommend me one. ( Si queres podes recomendarme una serie)

Thanks for reading ❣️