These are my life goals, hope we share some of them <3.

1. Participate in a color run.
2. Be a bridesmaid.
3. Visit Winter Wonderland in London.
4. Go to Disney with my best friend.

color run, happy, and fun image bride and bridesmaid image happiness, london, and winter wonderland image best friends, california, and castle image

5. Go to the spa.
6. Graduate collegue.
7. Own a designer handbag.
8. Have a colourful hair.

aesthetic, modern, and pool image bff, blue, and graduation image bag, fashion, and black image hair, red, and orange image

9. Own a polaroid.
10. Have a bonfire with friends.
11. Pull an all-nighter with my friends.
12. Rent a beach house.

pink, camera, and aesthetic image autumn, fall, and friends image friends, night, and sleepover image summer, white, and beach image

13. Go shopping for a week.
14. Kiss under the mistletoe.
15. Run through a field of sunflowers.
16. Make healthier choices.

shopping, Burberry, and luxury image love, kiss, and couple image girl, flowers, and sunflower image food, fruit, and healthy image

17. Swim in an infinity pool.
18. Feel confident in a bikini.
19. Have my dream wedding.
20. Start my own family.

chill, infinity, and nature image curvy and model image bride, decor, and garden image love, couple, and baby image

21. Overcome anxiety and depression.
22. Have a small cozy apartment.
23. Watch cherry blossoms.
24. Visit an art museum.

Image removed apartment, cozy, and dreams image japan, flowers, and garden image art, museum, and aesthetic image

25. Jump into a pile of leaves
26. Go stargazing with someone I love.
27. See a broadway show.
28. Get a minimalist tattoo.

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image stars, night, and sky image anastasia, broadway, and cartoon image aesthetic, stars, and white image

29. Spend a day on a yatch.
30. Send my parents on a trip as gift.
31. Own a fancy car.
32. Go to a Taylor Swift's concert.

summer, book, and ocean image love, couple, and forever image mercedes image Taylor Swift image

33. Go clubbing.
34. Swim with dolphins.
35. Learn how to ride a bycicle.
36. Have a photoshoot.

alcohol, best friends, and clubbing image dolphin, girl, and summer image blonde, bycicle, and spring image beyoncé, queen bey, and mrs carter image

37. Receive flowers from "that" someone.
38. Kiss in the rain.
39. Have a Disney movie marathon.
40.Do scuba diving.

bouquet and flowers image couple, love, and kiss image disney, friday, and girly image aqua, scuba diving, and dive image

41. Go to a drive-in movie.
42. Go cave exploring.
43. Ride a camel.
44. Own a walk-in closet.

love, couple, and car image cave, light, and new zealand image camel, desert, and girl image bedroom, room, and white image

45. Play laser tag.
46. Go ice skating.
47. Get my license.
48. Make my own recipe book.

himym, how i met your mother, and barney image girl and ice image art, bad, and car image home, interior, and pink image

49. Get 1000 followers on WHI.
50. Eating rainbow cake.
51. Learn how to sing.
52. Attach a lock to a love bridge.

heart, thank you, and weheartit image aesthetic, alternative, and cafe image microphone, music, and singer image bridge, couple, and hungary image

53. Kiss under fireworks.
54. Attend bookcon in NYC.
55. Meet Mulan.
56. Hug a Minion.

4th of july, fireworks, and Kiss Kiss image bookcon, books, and convention image disney and face character image minions, universal, and disney image

57. Move to another country.
58. Go on a road trip with friends.
59. Sleep under the stars.
60. Sit on a roof.

travel, gold, and map image travel, adventure, and car image camping, forest, and night image girl and flowers image

61. Have a New Year kiss.
62. Own my dream house.
63. Take a shower under a waterfall.
64. Take purikuras with my friends.

miley cyrus, liam hemsworth, and couple image Image by omg girl, summer, and waterfall image purikura image

65. Go to the skydeck.
66. Go on a wine safari in LA.
67. Go to an EXO Planet concert.
68. Go to Coachella.

chicago, chicago river, and cook county image Nina Dobrev, giraffe, and kiss image exo, sehun, and lay image coachella and festival image

69. Go on a carnival date.
70. Cliff jump.
71. Let go off a floating lantern.
72. Own a triangl bikini.

carnival, date, and ferris wheel image summer, beach, and tropical image Image removed Image by Carla.

73. Fly first class.
74. Go on a cruise.
75. Play with sparkles in a summer night.
76. Have a photo taken with Leighton Meester.

plane image go, Island, and journey image friends, summer, and party image gossip girl, leighton meester, and hair image

77. Own 100 books.
78. Be interview for a magazine article.
79. Visit all the continents.
80. Publish my own book.

book and book shelf image breakfast, coffee, and croissant image mapa, paises, and continentes image Image by C

81. Own something from Tiffany & Co.
82. Go to a fashion show.
83. Skiing.
84. Eat a whole pizza by myself.

tiffany, tiffany & co, and box image fashion, dress, and model image girls, snowboarding, and squad image pizza, food, and yummy image

85. Eat something from Carlo's Bake shop.
86. Visit my country's jungle.
87. Visit Notre Dame.
88. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel.

cake, sweet, and yummy image beautiful, jungle, and summer image france, paris, and travel image pastel, pink, and vintage image

89. Attend on a masquerade ball.
90. Going to a huge halloween party.
91. Build a blanket fort with someone I love.
92. Play messy Twister.

Dream image party, Halloween, and vintage image blanket, fort, and lights image colorful, good times, and paint image

93. Volunteer.
94. Learn a third language.
95. Go to an Ariana Grande concert.
96. Go zip lining.

africa, volunteer, and art image aesthetic, alternative, and french image concert, goals, and perfume image adventure, nature, and sea image

97. Make my parents proud.
98. Inspire other people.
99. Live with no regrets.
100. To be happy, just that.

anxiety, disappointment, and please image plan, quote, and stay image quotes, sad, and grunge image улыбка, лето, and еда image