Spring Lookbook

"I'm nicer when I like my outfit."

October 1, 2017

As you may know I'm an Aussie and it's currently Spring in Australia, and I've seen many lookbooks floating around youtube and just in general the media. So into days article I've made some Spring looks.. Enjoy

1) Black and white

A black off the shoulder top with a pair of white jeans will look incredible!! Wearing your hair down will make the outfit complete better than hair up ( in my opinion ) and to top off the look: A pair of black heels.

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Gold fits practically any occasion, though I wouldn't go over the top with the bracelets in this look, as the top is long sleeved and it can cause it to look "chunky" but if you want to wear more then go ahead! To complete the finished look a gold necklace would look fantastic with what's going on! You could also wear a gold choker or both even..

bracelet, gold, and accessories image aesthetic, necklace, and style image beautiful, blonde, and braid image

2) Party

Going to a party in spring? This look is for you!
A cute white top with a pink skirt = perfect 👌🏻
Having your hair down will help complete it aswell as a pair of nude / tan heels.

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Pearl necklace and bracelets would look really cute with this outfit however if you can't afford them once again go gold.

accessories, fashion, and girl image Image by Mariangel bracelet, pink, and pearls image beautiful, fashion, and girly image

3) Beach / Tropical

Although this may be Summery, it still is the pastel colour and springy too. This outfit is actual goals. Sandals / flip flops will be perfect for this as you can walk in the sand without building it up in a pair of runners and it's a lot easier to walk in than heels.
For the extra beachy look, wear your hair down and get those beach waves happening in your hair!
One thing I know if you're curious on where to get this outfit from is the top you can get from Kookaï.

fashion, style, and girl image
beach, beautiful, and flip flops image hair, blonde, and style image

You don't want to wear to many accessories whilst down at the beach or in a tropical surrounding as you don't want them getting wrecked. Wear a couple of necklaces, if you know they are pure then you should be able to go into the water with them on.
Don't forget wearing flip flops you'll need to make your feet look pretty so.. why not paint them white!

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I hope you enjoyed / got inspiration from the 3 looks. To read more articles by me check out here:

See you next time,