Day 1) introduce yourself/cool facts about you
(I'm going to try and not write out my whole life story cause like there's creepy people online lol but I'll give you enough info to get to know me a bit!)

Hi all,
My names Codie (I'm a girl!). I've had weHeartit for I think around 3 years and its probably my second favorite app to Instagram!! I am 17 years old and live in British Columbia, Canada. I own one dog, a Border Collie X Lab Saint Bernard and my family has a black lab, a few horses and multiple farm cats on our property. I've been riding horses and playing soccer since I was 4 years old and both sports are a big part of my life! Here are some cool facts about me:
- I love to draw in my sketchbook
- I have 5 piercings (ears, belly button, nostril and septum) and one tattoo (plan on getting a lot more)
- I love BC but I HATE the rain and cold and want to move somewhere warmer and less rainy when I'm older
- Hiking and camping are my favorite outdoor activities
- I'm currently in university to get my BA degree for psychology and am also trying to become fluent in Spanish before I graduate
so yeah here's a bit about me, enjoy!