The differences between love and lust are simple.
Love is when you finally find that special someone that you know you can't live without. That desire of being around that one person is strong enough to move the mountains. The love you feel gets stronger by the second when you see his/her smile light up, it's like they light up the sky, but causing this warm fuzzy feeling within you. This sudden urge of wanting to kiss them or to be able to press your body against theirs, so you could feel safe and warm is very powerful. When you look into their eyes you just know the love you feel, you can never find with another man or woman.
Lust is a powerful word if you take it to heart. Lusting in a marriage is something that should not be happening, but sadly in today's time it's pushed off and gives all kinds of excuses. "It's a girls thing." Or, "There's nothing wrong as long as you don't act on it." But yet, some women get mad when the guy calls a certain girl, "Beautiful.. Calling a girl beautiful, or cute, is innocent. More than often our eyes linger. Our eyes as humans lands on a sexy man or a beautiful girl and the wants is there, men cover up the sexual desire by trying to hide the fact they found her sexy enough to have sex. Lusting after someone who isn't your wife/husband is and forever will be wrong, but sadly some women/men don't entirely get mad considering they do the same. Like that one episode of king and queens when Carrie lusted after that doctor by killing her husband in a fantasy. Carrie got mad when Doug admitted to having sexual fantasies about other women, Doug made an excuse by killing his wife so he could have sexual relations with these women, he wouldn't feel guilty about cheating, but she did the same in the end; however, she wasn't having a sexual fantasy. She killed her husband sure, but once you are married I'm pretty sure all women have them type of fantasies, ha-ha We put it off as human desires not realizing that it could go further than just having simple fantasies. In my relationship with my ex, I called guys cute because I didn't feel the need to overdress it and call him what he was, "Sexy." I didn't think it was the right thing to do, don’t bring your lust to life, by acting on the desire or fantasy you may have. Lusting isn't love, it's simply a want and need, a desire to feel another man or woman