Okay so, it's been longer than 2 days. In fact, I've missed just about a week. My favorite excuses are school and homework, but I'm extremely lazy.

Day 2: Make A List of All the Things You're Thankful For.

1. Things that I need to survive/Things that I don't

Cliché, I know. The truth is I have so much that some people don't. I never run out of food. I always have a place to sleep. I have all these luxuries; a laptop, a phone ( believe it or not you can survive without a phone!!) my own personal TV. I have tons of things that I could survive without.

2. Friends and Family

I have so many people that care about me and love me. I try my best to show my appreciation and gratitude. Don't take people for granted, especially since once you've burned a bridge, you've burned it. You can try to come back, but it'll be a hell of a journey.

3. I'm thankful that my spirit isn't broken

Despite the numbness that I feel towards life, I still have hope. I believe that one day things wont be so bad. I have so many dreams, so many wishes, and so many hopes. I'm thankful that no one ever told me that I would amount to nothing. My entire life I've experienced nothing but encouragement, and that means so much to me.

4. Music
I don't know if there are words to describe the emotions that music makes me feel. I wish I was synesthetic. There's inexplicable beauty in music and it fills the earth. Music shapes religion and culture and makes everything better. Without music, vital parts of human life would be missing.

5. Nature
The beauty of this earth is infinite. From flowers, to the mountains, to the moon. There is nothing I wouldn't want to see. The sun rises and sets everyday without fail. The light we are blessed with is a precious gift because without it we wouldn't see all the wonders of the world.