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Here is some ideas to make your bedroom cozy to lounge all day and be lazy
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A simple desk where you can do your school work and or anything and with a matching chair along with and for extra, throw a fuzzy pillow. You can get this from Ikea or Target.
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Why not a TeePee Tent for you pets or a chill spot for Netflix and chill. Throw a fuzzy blanket, a lot of pillows and add stringy lights. You can get this at Target forsure.
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Bean bag is a must have! It is more comfortable than wooden chair. Right? You can get this at or at Target.
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The best part of the room. If you want to fall asleep fast and have a good sleep then you need good quality covers, blankets and pillows. To make your bed cozy, have a lot pillows, so you can cuddle with especially when you are single and of course big fluffy blanket, add two. Why not? You can get this at Marshalls, Ikea, Costco, Target, Walmart or anywhere.
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Add a fresh and clean candle. You can get this at any store. My favorite and affordable place to get is at Marshalls.
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Add a movie projector because it is perfect to watch movies at night and more space for your room. You can get this at Amazon or Best Buy.
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Lastly, add a stringy lights or star wall stickers for the night. You can get this at Target, Walmart, Marshalls, or any store.